ROSiE’s Presence at the ENRIO CONGRESS

We are thrilled to share that ROSiE (Responsible Open Science in Europe) is taking center stage at the ENRIO Congress this year, bringing its transformative insights to the forefront of responsible and open science practices.

🔹 Workshop: “The ROSiE General Guidelines for Responsible Open Science”

Discover the blueprint for responsible and open science through the ROSiE General Guidelines workshop. Explore the principles, strategies, and best practices that pave the way for a more inclusive and ethical scientific landscape.

🔹 Workshop 2: “Teaching and Learning for Responsible Open Science”

Education is key to shaping the future of science. Join us in this enlightening workshop, where we delve into the ethical aspects of Open Science. Let’s empower the next generation of researchers to drive positive change!

🔹 Oral Session: “Developing the Strategic Policy Paper on Open Science as an (Open) Knowledge Creation – Lessons Learned from the ROSiE Project”

Unlock insights from the heart of the ROSiE project. In this oral session, we’ll share invaluable lessons garnered from our journey in developing the Strategic Policy Paper on Open Science. Embrace the strategies that enhance knowledge creation in an open and collaborative environment.

Join us as we pave the way for a more ethical, transparent, and impactful future for Open Science!