ROSiE project participation in ETHNA System Workshop

The ETHNA System workshop for Transfer of Knowledge and Experience: First results from ETHNA System implementation process has been held successfully and we had the honor to participate in it!

ETHNA System workshop took place in Sofia on the 24th and 25th of November using a hybrid model. The aim of the workshop was to present the first results of the implementation of the ETHNA System for Ethics Governance. But, at the same time, it gave the opportunity to the representatives of  ROSiE, TIME4CS, and SUPER MoRRI to present the progress of the projects and join in a very interesting discussion.

ROSiE project was represented by Vana Stavridi with a presentation on the project’s first results.  Specifically, we talked about the implementation challenges (social, economic, gender, etc.) of Open Science, the current policy situation for Open Science, the policy gaps and good practices, and the recommendations.

In addition, we gathered knowledge on the barriers and challenges of the implementation of an ethical governance system and also, we reflected on the most effective measures to overcome these barriers.

The ETHNA System workshop was an outstanding opportunity to work with other stakeholders and reflect on Gender equality, Open Science, Citizens’ Engagement and Integrity Research (ethics) dimensions which should be taken into account in the implementation process of Ethical Governance of the Responsible Research and Innovation.

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