ROSiE Featured in CORDIS Overview on Ethics and Integrity

We are happy to announce that ROSiE has been included in a comprehensive overview on CORDIS titled Ethics and Integrity: Building Bridges for Trust and Excellence in Research and Innovation.

This overview highlights the significant contributions of ROSiE alongside seven other Horizon-funded projects. Together, these projects are at the forefront of rethinking research governance systems. The goal is to ensure that scientific and technological advancements are aligned with the values we hold dear, fostering an environment of trust and excellence in research and innovation.

ROSiE’s inclusion in this pack underscores the importance of our work in promoting responsible Open Science in Europe. Our efforts are crucial in developing guidelines, practices, and governance frameworks that support ethical research and integrity across diverse disciplines.

The overview emphasizes the collective impact of these projects in shaping a future where scientific progress and ethical considerations go hand in hand. It is a testament to the collaborative spirit and dedication of the research community towards building a more transparent, responsible, and innovative scientific landscape.

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