Fostering responsible open science in Europe

We develop and openly share practical tools that ensure research ethics and research integrity in open science and citizen science


ROSiE is a three-year project funded by HORIZON2020. Its mission is to co-create with all related stakeholders novel practical tools to foster a responsible open science and citizen science.

Our contribution

Provide customized solutions through an interdisciplinary knowledge hub bound to actively pursuing open approaches in science and research, while complying with relevant legal frameworks and ethical standards.

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STOA Academic Freedom Roundtable, on 21-02-2024 at 15:00 pm

ROSiE Final Event: ‘Research Integrity in Open Science for Europe’

February 12, 2024

ROSiE Guidelines Now Available in a New, User-Friendly Format!

We're excited to announce that the ROSiE guidelines are...

February 9, 2024

ROSiE workshop at University of Latvia!

On January 29th, ROSiE  held a workshop “Responsible Open Science practices” at the University...

February 4, 2024

ROSiE Final Outcomes Dissemination Workshop

After three years of hard work developing tools and practices for responsible open...

December 21, 2023


  1. 1Identify novel ethical and legal issues, as well as new forms of misconduct and questionable practices brought about by open science.
  2. 2Analyse them in the context of existing ethical and legal frameworks.
  3. 3Pinpoint gaps and grey areas.
  4. 4Integrate ethics and research integrity in open science and citizen science as a structural component.

Key concepts

The movement to make scientific research (including publications, data, physical samples, and software) and its dissemination accessible to all levels of an inquiring society.

Scientific research conducted, in whole or in part, by non-professional scientists.

Scientific research and technological development processes that take into account effects and potential impacts on the environment and society Research Ethics: concerned with the moral issues that arise during or as a result of research activities, as well as the ethical conduct of researchers.

Refers to Reliability, Honesty, Respect and Accountability. The authors of the influential Singapore Statement on Research Integrity proposed fundamental principles relating to Honesty, Accountability, professional courtesy and fairness, and Good stewardship of research.



Ethical, integrity, social, and legal challenges, as well as existing technologies that safeguard responsible open science.

Stakeholders to create and facilitate a community of practice to gather knowledge for a responsible open science.

Stakeholders with operational guidelines, a supplement to the ECoC, and a critical assessment on existing technologies and platforms for responsible open science.

Stakeholders with a Knowledge Hub for open science OS and training materials for the research ethics and integrity aspects of open science.

Τarget Groups

How do they benefit from Rosie?

A consultation and stakeholder engagement through workshops and discussions with the Stakeholder Forum; creating and facilitating a community of practice to gather knowledge on Research Ethics and Research Integrity in Open Science from other European projects.

ROSiE partners will reach out the research community and policy-makers, in order to co-create with them novel practices in the design, the preparation, the making, the valorization and the evaluation of science.

Citizen Science | Open Science organizations | networks | Individual researchers | Members of Research Ethics Committees and Research Integrity Offices | Research Performing Organizations (Universities, Research Centers/Institutes) | Editors of Scientific Journals | Research managers | National Academies | Research funding organizations | Science educators | Research Policy makers and Policy makers | Legal experts | Media and Science journalists | Associations and industries | Civil society organizations / NGOs | General public.

Project roadmap


March 1

Initiation of ROSiE

June 17

Workshop of OS platforms providers

June 17

Focus Group 1 – including training

June 17

Focus Group 2 – including citizen science

Focus Group 2 – including citizen science

June 17

Case-studies on disciplinary challenges of OS

June 17

Co-creation workshops / Beta version of ROSiE Knowledge hub

June 17

Pilot testing of training on responsible OS

November 17

Launching of ROSiE Knowledge Hub

June 17

ROSiE training available “Next steps” conference

November 17

End of ROSiE


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