Recommendations for addressing the social challenges of Open Science

  • Identify and change cultural attitudes and elements of institutional culture that are potential barriers to the implementation of Open Science practices.
  • Provide researchers with the necessary resources and infrastructure to support responsible Open Science practices.
  • Recognise legitimate differences in attitudes and readiness to engage in Open Science between different fields of science.
  • Recognize the potential for global inequities in access to Open Science infrastructure and act to promote global justice and support the needs of researchers in low- and middle-income countries.
  • Re-evaluate current institutional and national level incentives and evaluation systems to align them with Open Science practices.
  • Recognize and reward researchers for their contributions to Open Science, such as data sharing, publication of preprints, citizen science, and open-access publications.
  • Analyse and address the potential for gender-, ethnicity-, age-, disability-related, and other biases in research and act to ensure that responsible Open Science practices promote equality and diversity.
  • Promote Open Science practices in the industry sector.

This passage is part of D2.4: Report on Social and Legal Implications and Challenges Related to OS written by Heidi Beate Bentzen, Teodora Konach, Signe Mežinska.